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Your home and Curtains

We all love our homes. Thus, we at howdeco would love to help you enhance yours by:

We can also help you decorate your home, room by room, using our online MyHome3d. Myhome3d is the first of its kind online software that has live designer advice on home interior design and home furnishing/furniture purchasing . The software has 3D scene and picture quality photo display. This is not just to fulfill the home functions. We want your dream home come true no matter the size, using colors and combinations of furnishings which accurately reflect your style.

Why Purchase Curtains?

A home is a place where you can be yourself and enjoy your privacy . Curtains you select and cherish can make the home truly your own.

Curtains are reflection of a home owner’s own nature, and style . Therefore, they should not be purchased only for their functions, but should be custom designed to truly reflect your style. With internet technology, this can be accomplished readily with the aid of our online designer in a very economical way.